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Although the concept of making herbal salves from fresh plants is as old as the hills, in this age of mass production, not many herbal companies have the resources to do it. In business since 1993, Herb Hill is one of the exceptions. The reason for this is Herb Hill itself, 24 pristine acres overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains on the Ten Mile Creek in Rensselaerville, NY. Each summer herbalist Gretchen Gould lives on the land, personally gathering the fresh plants that go into her unique Herb Hill products. Picked at their peak for maximum potency and vitality, Herb Hill herbs grow organically in an unpolluted environment. All “Amazing Grease” products are made from pure olive, almond, or other oils, and preserved with unprocessed beeswax, making them totally natural products. All products are made in the Herb Hill laboratory either by Gretchen herself or her faithful assistant since the year 2000, Jennifer Parsons.

Although Herb Hill itself is in the town of Rensselaerville, NY, Gretchen’s laboratory is located at the Herb Hill Annex in Poughkeepsie, NY, where she will happily take your order by phone or fax. Phone: (845) 485-ALOE (2563). To send a fax, push send when you hear my phone message.

Please send all mail orders to: The Herb Hill Annex, 71 Ferris Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. To see our catalog online go to www.GretchenGould.com and click on Herb Hill.

Pictures of Herb Hill

Gretchen at Herb Hill, 2007
Gretchen at Herb Hill
Jen at Herb Hill, 2007
Jennifer at Herb Hill

Herb Hill
Ten Mile Creek
Ten Mile Creek in Wintertime
The Cabin at Herb Hill
The cabin at Herb Hill

Fall colors at Herb Hill, 2007
Autumn at Herb Hill